And it’s a wrap for 2011

Apart from the award winners post which will be next, below are the rest of the images I have for Summer Safari 2011 at the Jade Monkey – our last port of call.

We had lots of great feedback that this year’s Safari was one of the best ever so we’re glad you enjoyed it.

Then it’s onto our first actual pub

Our first stop after the ‘Flashdance’ was the Electric Light Hotel. I think we pretty much took over the pub

Easy to spot those not on Safari!

Doreen – lookin’ hot as usual.

The powder blue safari suit is always a winner with the ladies.

Then there’s the dancing.

Umm, wardrobe malfunction?

Gus doing his last (almost) Safari duty.

The obligatory art shot – where is this?

One must walk to the next pub

Part of the fun of the Safari event is walking to another venue so everyone can appreciate our fine fashions.

The Don Dunstan Young Achiever for 2011 striking a pose.

It’s hard work walking in those platforms so a rest on Rundle Street is in order.