Safari 2012 – the beginning

Here’s a selection of photos from Safari 2012 before, and during the boarding of, Popeye.

The photos help relive the memories so please, if you have any that you don’t mind me using for the site, please email safari @ Cheers.

Love how the Popeye captains got into the Safari spirit.

The Safari Brothers from New Zealand

I’d like to thank Chester Tiddys for sending these photos in. He wrote:

“Hi there, here’s a few photos of us in our safari suits you might like.
We are a club here in Oamaru, New Zealand with a similar interest as yours.
We are called the Safari Brothers, mainly a retro cycle club that dresses retro and rides retro bikes, and drink a heap of flagons.

Your annual outings look like alot of fun with good numbers too.

Will try and get you some more photos later.”

Please send us some more photos Chester. These are GOLD. Thanks.

And it’s a wrap for 2011

Apart from the award winners post which will be next, below are the rest of the images I have for Summer Safari 2011 at the Jade Monkey – our last port of call.

We had lots of great feedback that this year’s Safari was one of the best ever so we’re glad you enjoyed it.