Safari at the races

From one of our readers, Andrew:

Love the website. I’ve been collecting safari suits for awhile now, I’ve got about 50. I’ve included a few photos from when me and a few mates went to the Esk country Races in QLD (think it was 2006).


I provided my mates all with safari suits and bowling shirts. I also wanted to know have you ever seen a legitimate mauve/light purple safari suit made in the 60/70s ? That’s the only one I want now for my collection.


Andrew, I’ve not personally seen a light purple safari suit but perhaps our readers may have? Please comment below if you have. And, Andrew, thanks for sending in the photos. That’s a serious safari suit collection you have.

1 thought on “Safari at the races”

  1. Hahaha AMaC !!! Nice work – though I would have liked a shot of me chuggin the funnel of VB complete with a few spillages down the front ….later dry cleaned out of course… Although If I was wearing the purple one fore mentioned then it wouldn’t have shown 😉

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