Safari suit sightings

Safari suit sightings

Safari at Womadelaide

Too good an opportunity to pass up when I saw this gentleman in his safari suit and his lovely companion wearing her gorgeous polyester frock. That’s dedication on a 35 degree day at Womadelaide.


Don Dunstan’s safari suit – FOR REAL

Don Dunstan's safari suit

This safari suit belonged to Don Dunstan. See the photo to the right of the suit – it’s the same suit he’s wearing.

It lives at Flinders University in a library meeting room.

What a find when I went to a meeting.

Apologies for the reflection in the photo. It’s behind glass. Probably just as well.

As seen in an op shop.

Dan in the Powder Blue

I went to an op shop in the city the other day and when I walked in I saw this man dressed in a safari suit.

I approached him and asked if I could take a photo. I went on to explain this website to him and was it okay if I put his photo up?

He was very obliging and even struck the pose for me.

Thanks Dan!

I hope you continue to wear your safari suit.

By the way the safari suit was $40 – not too bad a price for one these days.