John welcomes us to safari 2009

Good evening sir, madam, or if in a group, one and all.

Welcome to the 2009 Safari Tour.

My name is John, and I’ll be your safari guide this evening.

At Safari Pty Limited, our professional and dedicated team of professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your Safari tour is a memorable and once in a lifetime annual experience.

If you look around you will see several staff members like me, please do not hesitate to ask them for guidance or directions to maximise your pleasure and enjoyment of the evenings proceedings.

As you can see will be commencing the evening with a meet and greet on the banks of the beautiful river torrens. Shortly we will be departing for an hour cruise on the beautiful river torrens, after which you can relieve yourself in the public amenities of the festival centre. Please be sure to wash your hands.

We will then be proceeding in an orderly fashion to the Cavern, which is styled reminiscently to echo those heady days of the 60’s, when the fab four were belting out the Mersey beat in Liverpool, getting ready to take on the world. Please take a moment to peruse the popular music memorabilia on display in this heritage listed museum of popular music & culture.

We will then be proceeding in an orderly fashion to the treasury hotel, where you can enjoy the Victorian ambience of a historically significant building, and splendid beer garden with adjacent water fountain, while sipping a cold beer and or cocktail, talking casually with your friends, or possibly meeting that someone special.

For those still with a tiger in the tank, the younger ones will then be kicking on at the hippest nightclub in town, the The Dragonfly, where a disc jockey will play music specifically for dancing.

Can I interest you in a champagne or cold beer to commence?