Safari suits in parliament

It seems just wearing a safari suit if you’re a politician can cause all sorts of problems. Don Dunstan is fondly (in some circles) remembered for wearing his safari suit to parliament in South Australia in the 1970s.

Jack Melloy in Queensland was thrown out of State Parliament in 1975 for wearing his safari suit when long sleeves were the order of the day.

His granddaughter Vicki Darling has resurrected his safari suit, gravy stain and all, but she’s not convinced that they should make a comeback.

Vicki Darling and Jack Melloy - grandfather/granddaughter wearing the same safari suit
Picture courtesy of The Sunday Mail, JAMIE HANSON.

Thanks to Paul for the tipoff. Paul’s question was ‘Is it a crime to wear a tie with a safari suit?’ I’m not sure of the answer to that one, but tell us what you think by leaving a comment.