‘Want to look cool? Get a safari suit’ says The Age

According to Janice Breen Burns from The Age newspaper, safari suits are coming back in. We could have told Janice that long ago. In fact, we’d argue that safari suits were never really out of fashion.

She says:

“COULD the safari rise again? In Milan this week men’s wear brands including Belstaff, John Richmond and floated the possibility with lightweight, military-style jackets and slacks similar to those in every stylish Aussie bloke’s wardrobe in the 1970s and out of fashion by 1980.”

‘The new safari suit?’ John Richmond fashion

“Its reign was a cultural spike that saw boardrooms and Parliament populated by men in beige and sky blue polyester.”

I don’t buy safari suits for myself as a rule, but I remember purchasing one with a friend about eight years ago now. It cost $4 and the woman selling it to us thought it was the bees knees and of course she was right. It’s definitely harder and harder to find one in op shops these days and I doubt they sell for the $4 price anymore.

Hold on to your safari suits people, and wear them with pride.

And don’t forget to send in pictures of you wearing your safari suit.

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