Popeyes no longer afloat

For the last four years or so the Popeyes have been an integral part of our annual safari suit pub crawl. Unfortunately the water that keeps them afloat was drained recently and they are now aground.

Here’s hoping that the Torrens Lake is transformed back to its former glory, if not for the aesthetics, for our next safari. And here’s hoping that the Popeye business can stay afloat while the boats are not.

Here’s Popeye in happier times.

Popeye in happier times

Popeye preparation part 50

There’s always heaps of photos from the waiting for the Popeye sunset cruise because it’s a time where everyone can ooh and aah over others’ outfits and it’s also the beginning of the night before everyone has partied too hard and can therefore remember to actually get the camera out. These are more of Mark’s and Deb’s photos.

More from Popeye 2008

Sorry about my tardiness posting to this website everyone. I’ve had all sorts of trouble adding the images in a way that doesn’t take me decades, but has ended up taking ages anyway. I’ve sorted it out now so safari suit 2008 wrap-up and photos will happen a lot more frequently now.

These photos are from Deb and Mark. Thanks guys.

I also have some other photos sent from overseas to add.