Safari award winners 2013

Here we have the award winners from the 2013 Safari. If you know the people’s names I’m missing, please comment. And excuse the poor quality of some of the photos. I had a battery problem with my better camera and had to resort to the phone camera.

Swing’in Safari encouragement award- for up and coming Safari-istas



Lapella Fella Award

Big A


Anne Wills Weather Award

The girl in the heirloom crochet dress

Bernard King Blancmange Award

Jo and Dave

Pumpin Platforms Award


Donna Summer Bad Girl Award

Susanna – Donna Summer Bad Girl Award

Baraoke Crocker Award


Ding Dong Award


Don Dunstan Young Achiever Award

Ed – Don Dunstan Young Achiever




Hold the date – 22 November


Hope you can make it to Safari this year.

It’s on Saturday 22 November (note, not a Friday this year).

It starts earlier at 4.30pm.

Food will be available on the banks of the Torrens from 6.30-8pm.

Invites will be out very soon with all the details.

A safari suit for the races

I love it when people send photos of themselves wearing safari suits.

Mat and his son getting ready for the races

My name is Mat and my son is Mitchell. He is 18 months old in the pic.

We are from Melbourne,  Australia and are off to a party for the Melbourne Cup.

What better way to dress for a day at the horse racing?

Had the suits made in China from a photo, and picked out the material myself.