Safari suit sightings

Safari suit sightings

Nova Defence crew in safari suits

I put out the call to the internet to find out how to get my hands on the Nova Defence safari suit calendar and someone answered that call and sent in a bunch of photos. These are apparently just a few of the vast safari collection and I know I’d like to see some more. If you’d like to see some more please leave a comment below.

I remember Jim Whalley saying in the radio interview that whenever someone goes away for a conference they have to take a safari suit and get a photo. Evidence below.

Now for those of us trying to buy safari suits we can now see where they’ve all gone. Having said that the crew at Nova Defence do a damn fine job of carrying on the safari tradition!

Cover of 2007 Calendar (surfin’ safari at the Coliseum?) Note the sandals!

Tas Ranson in Hollywood

The illusive Jim Whalley in his Classic Powder Blue

Croquet anyone?

Group shot Nova Conference 2006

Claude Daniel