Safari suit sightings

Safari suit sightings

Safari on Facebook

Safari is on the brain today and while I should be doing other things I’ve setup a Safari suit fan page on Facebook. If you’re on Facebook you can become a fan. If you’re a fan you can add photos directly to the Facebook page. I might snaffle them for the safari suit website though as I plan to keep that going at this stage.

Even if you’re not on Facebook you can still view the page. It’s at

Safari suit pub crawl in Sydney

Mark, a reader, sent a couple of photos in to me of his buck’s night last month in Sydney. Of course the reason I’m posting the photos here is that they wore safari suits.

Mark is the one wearing the aviators and fetching blue number in the middle of the picture below somewhere. There are a few fetching blue numbers and a few aviator sunglasses.

This is Mark’s brother and buck’s night organiser.

I’m sure they had a fine time. They certainly look very dashing!

On a slightly different note, Adelaide will have to watch out on Friday 7 November when the next safari suit pub crawl happens. It was on hiatus last year, so this year should be a good one.