Safari suit event

Safari suit event

Oh, what a feeling.

The Adelaide Parklands didn’t know what hit it on Saturday evening around 9.30pm on 8 January when about two hundred people descended upon the little island near the Adelaide Bowling Club.

Without giving too many secrets away, after all if you were there you know what happened, here’s some pictures.

The stage had to be cleared:

So that this could happen.

What’s that you ask? Watch it for yourself.

And that was the Safari ‘Flashdance’.

Getting to Safari in style

Some people catch public transport, some people drive, some people catch a cab and others just do it in complete style. That is getting to Safari in style.

Why wouldn’t you like to arrive in this car?

Or why not get into a stretch limo with bubbles and karaoke laid on?

Karaoke I said didn’t I? Here’s some evidence. (Go to the Safari Facebook page to view if the video doesn’t appear.)

Bowling club video collection

Before I add more pictures to this site, here’s some video of the evening at the bowling club. Some you’ve seen before and there’s a couple of new ones I’ve posted to the Safari Facebook page.

Safari’ers at the bowling club before the fashion parade started

Winks and Cath strut their stuff on the catwalk.

Robbie Butternob – MC extroardinaire – shows us what he’s made of

Fashion parade – part 1

Fashion parade – part 2