Safari meets Parliament House

In a tribute to Don Dunstan the safari suit group converged upon the steps of Parliament House to do the traditional safari suit photo shoot. Although I don’t remember anyone wearing pink shorts. Pity!

Can you spot yourself?

A bit more Popeye

Some more photos of the Popeye sunset cruise. If anyone has any they’d like to share please contact me.

Our Popeye skipper was new and didn’t realise there was a CD player on board. Therefore we were a bit late getting the music going. I think it was happening at this stage.

Kung Fu Fighting and Popeye

There was a bit of entertainment to be had before everyone boarded Popeye with Jen, Rita and Kazz doing a rendition of Kung Fu Fighting.

And thanking goodness that it was over.

Then it was time to board Popeye, and Popeye is always fun. Even more fun when the new driver realised there really was a CD player on board so we could have music.