Safari suit 2008 award winners

As we swelter in an Adelaide heatwave, I’m reflecting back on the award winners from safari suit 2008 and being thankful that we didn’t have to wear all our polyester in 40 degree heat.

Anne Wills Weather Award

Helen. The platform hairdo clinched it (see here for a full platform hairdo shot).

Isaac Hayes Funky Ass Award

Steve – He won it fair and square even though he had an Axl Rose wig on (looks more like Fabio to me).

Pumpin’ Platforms Award

Rachel – She had five inch platforms and one metre long sleeves on her frock. A deserved winner indeed.

Bernard King Blancmange Award

Jo, Andrew, Anya and Chris – took out this years collective Safari award for styling it above and beyond the call of duty!

Phunky Phat Flair

Matt in in the Le Cock Tracksuit. Not the usual phunky phat flair but he certainly had lots of flair. (Matt’s on the right).

Ding Dong Award

Tracey (the amazing Miss Disco Ball) total concept-total package – a winner!!

Don Dunstan Young Achiever

Tracy. I believe this is the first time a woman has won this award. She impressed the judges no end with a trim and well polished safari suit, clearly the best on the night. She was also able to explain in great detail the important features of the ladies suit, including the reverse buttons and fly, and the lack of pockets on the pants.

Apologies if I’ve missed anyone. If there’s any errors please contact me.