1985 safari inspiration

Here’s a blast from the past for some of you. Please pass this onto anyone you may recognise!

These photos were sent in from Rob. He says:

I somehow stumbled on safarisuit.com… This inspired me to get out some old pics. I thought some of your readership might find them interesting, particularly those that were there circa 1985 in the Marion Road, Ascot Park precinct.

I think they are relevant to the safari suit “history”, and while no actual safari suits or hats are visible, it certainly shows the inspiration was alive and well.

Pay careful attention to the details and big collars, plunging masculine necklines, hairy chests, chains, rings and big hair are all visible.

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) I never turned the camera on myself. All I can remember is the hangover!

If anyone has any safari suit photo gems, please get them scanned and send the files to me.