Austin at the Charles Sturt Tavern

There’s some content that I still haven’t migrated from our original safari suit website and this is one of them. Winks kindly wrote this for the site.

This didn’t just happen once but two years in a row, Safari ended at The Charles Sturt Tavern where we met Austin in his lovely powder blue Safari Suit absolutely cutting up the dance floor. He was well and truly past retirement age but still did the odd job and I know this because he gave me his card.

I feel he was a very popular and frequent patron to this particular establishment because everyone knew him, especially the ladies. Gus and I had found the perfect person to present the final awards and he did it with style.

I can’t remember the exact year that we bumped into Austin but I vividly remember him and I reckon apart from the powder blue that Winks mentions, Austin also had a green safari suit. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture to accompany this story but if you’re reading this and you do, please let me know.