Safari on ice in Sweden

In anticipation of the next annual safari event here’s something to keep you going.

Contributed by Dave Braunsthal in Sweden

I would like to proudly announce the succesful holding of the very first, annual, Safari on ice, Sweden on 22 December 2002 on a small insignificant lake in the south of Sweden, became the fashion focus of the modern world!

Unfortunately, due to the lack of advertising or possibly the 15 degree below zero temperatures, the numbers were not quite what I had hoped for, how ever, the dapper duds, walk socks and safari attire in general was well represented.

The Lapellafella award winner 2001 (Mr Dave Braunsthal) was keen to prove that the Pearl Harbour conditions were not going to get in the way of his day out.

After mixing it with the rest of the events participants (the photographer) David proceeded to impress with his dazzling ice manouvres.

Otherwise a very stylish turn.

And a brilliant finish.

And you’re wondering why David looks so happy on the ice in his shorts in freezing conditions?

The ice held.

4 thoughts on “Safari on ice in Sweden”

  1. About bloody time to. 2002
    I´m tickled pink anyway.
    Got some more exciting shots to come soon from the ice hotel in Jukkas järvi the far north of sweden.
    I have a new mail adress, if you wanna send some hate mail.
    Gonna miss the second Safari in a row.
    I´m shattered.
    I´ve got my secret weapon to take the Don Dunstan stashed away just waiting.
    My day will come.

  2. I find you a very sexy man and those knees really do it for me. I bet you look really hot in white tennis shorts and dunlop volleys!
    Im sure there would be many behind me/you who like to embrace you really hard. No I mean really really hard.

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