Safari suits – leisure suits. Spot the difference.

While surfing on the net one of safari’s Hall of Famer’s, Maz, found out that leisure suits and safari suits are pretty much one and the same.

This image, coutesy of the Henry Ford Museum website leisure suit section, talks about leisure suits getting the respect they deserve – and rightly so.

The Bad Fads site describes their origins and says that they even became banned at some restaurants.

There is, or used to be an annual leisure suit convention which sounds a lot like our safari suit pub crawls. “When you wear a leisure suit you turn into a completely different person,” explains Van Hardin, founder of the convention. “You don’t have the tie to inhibit you. You can eat food, and if you spill, it slides right off.”

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  2. Going to a Safari themed party soon and was wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy/hire safari suits in Perth??

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