Safari traditions

Written by Winks

Certain visitation traditions prevail…
We always frequent a place that other Safari Suits congregate, the classic terrazzo floor pub with the horse races on every TV screen to order our first butcher.

There is always some form of transport involved, be it a tram ride or an evening cruise on the Popeye (Adelaide’s answer to the Love Boat).

There’s always one Ritzy establishment on offer for the gentleman and lady that like a cocktail or sherry served with their vol-au-vant and canapés.

We hit the venues that have only just ventured out of the seventies, complete with DJ talking in a deep mumbled language from another time and haircut. He’ll still be pumping out “MMMMy Sharona”.

We always attend at least one venue that deserves it, where modern fashion victim meets modern fashion victim. The Safari Suit can still shock the unsuspecting, raising comment and eyebrow.

The main aim is to slap the Suit on, and get it out there for all to see. But remember, it is not just the Safari Suit…other clothing options abound, including boob tubes, hot pants, pop hats, cravats and jumpsuits. Stunning accessory ideas include VYI’s, big gold chains, big hair, long walk socks, and plastic earrings.

The competition is always fierce between patrons as there are many awards to be won.

The key to success in winning awards is to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.